Support the Cause!

Dear Friends and Allies,

Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing love, prayers, encouragement and support! The past several months have been incredibly challenging but so confirming! God’s been stretching us, growing us, preparing us and sustaining us! Our love for Him and commitment to His work has never been stronger!

I know you’re busy and get LOTS of emails, so I want to make this email easy to navigate.  I have 3 Updates and 3 Opportunities listed below.  Thank you, in advance, for reading this and partnering with us ANY way you feel called. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our new website, please check out:  

I love you! 

What’s happening:  

1. Wedding — Next week my family will drive to Burlington, Vermont for the wedding of our daughter Courtney. She is marrying an incredible young man from Germany and, after her honeymoon, will be living in Germany. Many mixed emotions…

2. New Housing — We have sold our home in Lansing, Michigan and purchased a home in Essex Junction, Vermont.  Both closings will happen at the very end of May — however, I will be remaining in Vermont after Courtney’s wedding to begin building new relationships and leadership for Revolution. 

3. Summer game-plan — The first week of June, I’ll be joined by my wife, Netta, and three remaining kids; Zoe, Max & Chase.  I’ll be so anxious for their arrival! It will be fun to begin our summer all together in one of the most beautiful places in America! In addition, Netta will be taking on a new role as Children’s Director at Vibrant Church in South Burlington, VT.  Awesome, right?! The timeline for Revolution will be May-July: establish leadership, train teams, meet students, advertise, serve & bless. August: back-to-school assistance to schools & community, preparations for launch, prayer walks, etc. September: LAUNCH Revolution Youth Community (in a venue monthly, in homes weekly). 

How you can assist:

1. Prayer — we need every person, every church, every family to add us to their prayer list.  We are venturing into America’s most unchurched and post-Christian communities. We know there will be both physical and spiritual resistance to our work.  

2. Invest — most of you have already given OR committed to be partners — thank you!  To assist you, we now have a secure giving platform with — they provide an easy to use place for giving (including setting up reoccurring donations). You can track your gifts and get giving receipts/reports at any time.  Please consider setting up a monthly commitment.  Invest in Revolution! << click!

3. Promote — we would really appreciate it if you would tell your friends, church, colleagues and family about our new adventure.  We rely on the prayers & support of our allies (like you)!  We also have an intern opportunity for any single young adults that you may know who desire to train in youth ministry and discipleship. We will give them hands-on training and mentoring. 

** You are receiving this email because you have been added to the REVOLUTION YOUTH mailing list.  IF you do not wish to be on this list OR if there is another email address (or person) that you would prefer receive this; please REPLY and let me know!

Again, thank you so much for your friendship & confidence! 

Because YOUth Matter,

Chilly Chilton
Coach & Executive Director