On a Mission!

We want to share a simple description of the mission for Revolution Youth Community. These are our "4 R's!" 

We will strive to:


Connect with the next generation through love experienced with truth, respect and destiny. We will patiently allow students to explore and navigate their own journey.


Create opportunities for every student to know Christ personally and make Him known to others. As they investigate the outrageous (and amazing) claims of Christ, we will stand ready to lovingly lead them to a relationship with Christ and the elation of being forgiven & restored.


—  Clear Up misconceptions and hurts about the church and develop practical ways for students to lead it today. We believe in the church and realize that we desperately need today's generation to lead us into a new expression of how it will function in today's culture and beyond. The message is always sacred, but the method is not.


Commission every student to become the change that they want to see in the world today. Words like calling, ministry and outreach may look different in many ways -- we can't wait to see God's expression of grace lived out through this generation. Selfless service will define us.


** One last clarification from my heart:
Revolution Youth is not about people fulfilling my dreams - yikes, no way! Instead, we want to help a new generation discover and live their dreams! The stage is theirs!

Because YOUth Matter,