Wow, it's already the middle of April! Is it just me, or does it seem like 2018 is SCREAMING fast?! Over the next few weeks, I'll be moving to Vermont,  seeing my daughter Courtney get married, launching a new ministry, meeting tons of new people, raising MORE support (you're already IN, right?) and preparing for the rest of my family to arrive at the end of May! Crazy!

I wake up in the middle of the night, quite often, with that overwhelming thought,  

"there's so much I want to accomplish!" 

It's during times like this that I strive to recalibrate (a term I learned from a couple of my engineer friends) my life to make sure I'm being efficient, accurate and effective. I don't want this spring (and, eventually, summer) to blow by with me finding myself months down the road thinking,

"I should have... "

So, this weekend, I've been looking at my calendar, scanning through my journal and praying for clarity. I want my life to count! Not just in the big things but also in the details.

I'm ready to write down whatever God brings to my heart. This will help me accomplish the things God is revealing. And, trust me, there's some crazy HUGE things God is stirring in my heart right now! I'm seeking God HARD to discover His timing and strategy -- no time to be passive... I don't want to just be close, I want to HIT THE BULLSEYE!

It's important, for me, to be sure that I'm set-up for success by putting the right things into my life.  Here's a few things I'm thinking about today... please take a moment and, IF you dare, share your thoughts on the following 7 questions..

Let's be transparent!

Let's grow this spring! 

Let's be Courageous!

In the comments, number 1-7 and answer the following:

  1. What book are you reading right now (besides Bible)? Recommend it?
  2. What music album is your favorite right now? Why?
  3. Do you write in a journal? How frequent? How personal is it?
  4. When do you pray and read your Bible each day?
  5. What is your fitness goal(s) for the next 3 months? Do you work out and/or diet?
  6. How much silence to you get each day where you think/dream/meditate?
  7. Who is your mentor? Do they know they're your mentor? How's do you keep it real?

Let's WIN 2018!

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