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Chilly Chilton

Over-the-years, Chilly has answered to many titles including: youth specialist, mentor, church planter, pastor, thrill seeker, captain, disciple maker, speaker, dad, barista, life coach and friend. Most students call him "coach," or "captain;" but, in his own words, "Chilly is fine!"

“I LOVE God, my amazing wife Netta, my 3 beautiful daughters, my 2 incredible sons (and my 2 handsome son-in-laws)!  I also love great coffee, EDM, Nike shoes, anything Apple, seafood, Vermont, my dog, beach vacations, all sports, books and YOU!” 

Whether in a ministry setting, a one-on-one conversation or among students, Chilly leaps at any opportunity to see lives changed! Friendship-based discipleship is at the core of everything he does.

“I'm addicted to transformation!” cc

Chilly has had the honor to spend the last three decades loving, reaching, restoring, and coaching people of all ages. He speaks at conventions, conferences, camps, schools, churches and other events around the world. In addition, Chilly does one-on-one or small group coaching.  He also does  church/ministry consulting and leadership development. Perhaps, more than anything else, Chilly LOVES opening his life and journal with a few passionate students or friends over a great cup of coffee.

"I love ANY opportunity to impact today’s generation of world changers." cc

Chilly has spent the last 14 years in the heart of Detroit and surrounding area loving people, planting churches, building community, reaching students, making disciples and empowering leaders.  He now embraces his next adventure as he comes to Burlington, Vermont (one of America's most unchurched communities) to launch Revolution Youth! 

Chilly's mission is simple: “to inspire today’s generation to grasp their destiny and live their lives with reckless abandonment to the purpose of God.“