Revolution Youth is committed to reaching, encouraging, equipping and empowering middle school, high school and college-aged students of Vermont, New England and beyond. We will provide a drug-free, alcohol-free, values based, bully-free and incredibly fun environment where students can find friendship, faith, service opportunities, social interaction and mentorship. 

We believe that this can best be accomplished by providing a ‘shared’ youth ministry outreach to the entire community of Greater Burlington, Vermont rather than through the efforts of individual church youth groups or para-church organizations. There's strength in numbers! So, as students begin encountering and interacting with others, we believe we will see greater unity, confidence, compassion and impact in every school & community!

IF you are a youth worker/leader in Chittenden County, Vermont (and beyond), we invite you to network with us!  In fact, we host the local gathering of the National Network of Youth Workers (NNYM) - please check us out and sign up here:  Revolution.YouthWorkers.Net



We intend to provide a monthly (and eventual bi-weekly or weekly) large gathering of students in a non-church, neutral, venue for the purpose of social interaction, music, friendship, worship, teaching, prayer and training. 

Revolution Youth will work with (not for) churches and other Christian organizations in the community to provide excellent ministry — in both quality and content — and the opportunity for leadership development.  We will also work together to help accomplish needs throughout the community. Our message will be ‘Gospel-centered’ — we leave specific theological teaching and unique sacraments to the individual local church.  We’ll introduce them to Jesus.

Our intention is NOT to replace the local church but to enhance it by empowering, encouraging and equipping it’s students and providing opportunities for students to play a larger role of ministry (through serving and leadership) in their home churches, schools and community. 

Partner churches or ministries will be represented by an individual and/or couple from their congregation who will serve as part of the Revolution Youth Advisory Committee and they will also be trained and mentored by our leadership in youth ministry and follow-up.

Revolution Youth, Inc. is a non-profit organization with  501c3 status.