Revolution Youth Community
Student Ministry Programs


Providing middle schoolers a safe place to express themselves, learn and grow.

Revolution Rise is a program that increases spiritual and mental awareness in adolescents.

We encourage creative expression, and provide a judgement-free zone where adolescents can feel like they belong.


Our most diverse and cutting-edge student ministry program is REV. We have multiple layers to what we offer students, so that we have an environment for anyone to feel safe.

Through concerts, small groups, interest-based activities and seasonal outings, we are easily becoming the best part of a teenager’s week.


Coming Fall 2019, we will be partnered with college ministries on multiple campuses throughout New England. Our goal is to bring together all of the Christians on campus for large-scale events that they can invite their non-Christian friends to get saved at.

The goal will be to funnel the newly saved people into discipleship of one of the college ministries.